About Me


My name is  Frances Adams and this is my story:

I am 49 years old and have been struggling with my weight for 4 decades.  I started out watching my mother and my aunt on weight watchers eating special foods.  In order to eat what they were eating I had to be over weight so I set out to do just that.  I purposely gained weight so that I could eat the same foods they were.  Since then I’ve spent my entire life trying to lose weight with every diet you can imagine including:  WW, Atkins, HCG, Richard Simmons, Slim Fast, and every diet pill on the market.  Nothing worked and I steadily kept gaining weight.  As you could imagine, I’ve had several problems over the years because of my weight from multiple hernias, knee problems, bowel problems and I finally became so over weight that I was restricted to a wheel-chair and have been for the past three years because I am too obese to walk.

I have two daughters that I’m raising on my own, a 17 and 19 year old, that I’ve passed my bad habits on to.  My oldest is pregnant and encroaching on three hundred pounds and my youngest has several health issues as well.  When I reached my heaviest weight, 401 pounds, I took a look around at my life and my family and I realized what I had let myself and my family become was wrong.  Not only was I hurting myself but I was also hurting my children.  I decided to really start doing something about it and the only place I knew to give me the help I needed was a gym.

I’ve never gone to the gym before with the sole purpose of lifting weights and working out.  I really had no idea how to even accomplish this.  Luckily the gym offered me a discount on  my membership if I agreed to set up a wellness visit with a trainer.  Basically that just meant they would go over my goals and explain some of the equipment and how to use it.  I figured they would just try to talk me into hiring a personal trainer-which I couldn’t afford.  I scheduled a meeting with one of the ladies that worked there but at the last minute cancelled on her.  I reschedule my meeting and this time I met with a gentleman named Brezza whom everyone called Breeze.  It turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made.  I’ve since asked him to be my trainer, but he’s been so much more.  He is a life coach (teaching me how to live again), he is a nutritionist (helping me with a nutrition plan, even teaching me how to cook), he helps me manage my finances, and is teaching me to build healthy relationships.  I’m now down to 340 pounds, I’m lifting weights, and I’m slowly starting to walk again.  I have hope that my life, and subsequently the lives of my children, will start to change and I can be a better mother and show them a healthier way to live.  I have actually made Breeze a deal that if he can get me healthy enough that I don’t need a wheel-chair anymore that he can have the darn thing!

Follow me on my journey as I grow and make these healthier life changes.


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