Waiting . . .

So this last week or so I’ve been preparing for my hernia surgery and recovery.  I knew that after surgery I wasn’t going to be able to stay with my trainer any longer because I wouldn’t be able to get up and down the stairs.  Luckily my sister agreed to let Lakota and I come and stay with her while I recover from my surgery.  Last weekend our friends Julie & Jenea came and helped us move all of our stuff to my sisters.  It’s been interesting getting everything settled and figuring out a new routine.  It’s coming together though.

Originally my surgery was scheduled for yesterday but when I went in to the doctor’s office, with a cold, they told me they couldn’t put me under anesthesia.  Something about having a cold plus my asthma would not be a good combination and I would be at a higher risk of complications.  So, they sent me home and we had to reschedule my surgery for two weeks away.  At this point it’s just a matter of waiting.

Any delay right now is irritating.  The longer it takes me to have my surgery means that it’s just going to put off my recovery time.  I’m not allowed to work out or lift weights until after my surgery so this is just prolonging my weight loss.  I’m not happy about it either.  I hate waiting – I want to be able to work out right now.  I’m just trying to keep as busy as I can for right now and I pray for the best.