Good News & Bad News

I like starting things on a positive note so the good news is that I got to go on my camping trip for reaching my goal last month.  We left last Friday and came home on Sunday.  It was so much fun and I was really able to relax.  We went fishing, I caught three fish-which we threw back, sat around the fire and just talked.  We prepared for cold weather but it was surprisingly nice out.  Our last day we went to Mirror C ranch and helped some friends bring in their hay.  I got to drive the tractor while Breeze helped load it and the girls rode horses with the children.  I would never have been able to do that a couple of months ago.  I also got to ride a four wheeler!  I’ve been aching to do that for a while now and I was finally able to do it.  It was so exhilarating!  This weekend I get to go back and help them with the haying again which means I get to drive the tractor.  It’s an amazing feeling to be needed. 

The bad news is that earlier this week I found out I have another hernia.  I guess it’s a pretty bad one as the doctors have scheduled me to have surgery on the 9th of October.  In the meantime I’m not allowed to lift any weights or do any strenuous exercise.  That effectively put a halt on most of my physical activity.  This will actually be my 11th hernia surgery and it has me completely frustrated.  I’ve been working so incredibly hard these past few months to be healthier and to lose weight and I’m worried that it was all for nothing.  I can no longer work out so I just don’t see the weight dropping off.  Plus after surgery it’s going to take me some time to recover and that will just further delay my weight loss progress.  Just when I thought things were starting to look up for me I get this news and it’s completely flustered me.

I hate ending on bad news so I will tell you that while I was at the doctors office I did find out that I’ve lost another 2 pounds.  That means I’ve lost 81 pounds so far from when I started.  That was the only ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy day.  I’ll take it and be happy I lost that two pounds!  I’m not giving up either-it’s just a speed bump in the road for now.


One thought on “Good News & Bad News

  1. Frances, I just want you to know that me and my family are here for you. I know that you’re frustrated about the setback the surgery is causing you and I know you’re worried you’ll regain your weight. You aren’t alone in this process and we will make sure you have everything you need to stay on the healthy track you’re on. You’ll get better and pretty soon you’ll be kicking fat’s ass again!

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