End of the Month Check In


So it’s the start of a new month and it’s time to re-evaluate my goals and how I did as well as set some new ones.  For the month of August I had set four goals for myself:

  1. To get out of my wheelchair
  2. Lose 20 pounds
  3. Move out of my apartment
  4. Get off my medications

This being the first time I’ve ever set goals for myself I think I did fairly well.  I am not currently using my wheelchair and I haven’t for twelve days!  I’m still not walking as much as i would like but I am only using a cane or my walker for longer distances.  I’ve also moved out of my apartment and into a much healthier environment, but I do have roommates.  I’m still actively looking for my own place but I’m okay staying here for a while.  The environment I’m in is so much better than it was and I know I get the support I need here.  I didn’t quite make the 20 pound marker but I got dang close;  I lost a total of 16 pounds bringing me down to 328 pounds!!  That’s a big accomplishment for me and one I’m really proud of.  I also didn’t get off my meds all the way but because of my success with weight loss I’ve been able to cut them in half.  I feel great knowing that I’ve made such big strides this last month.  Although I didn’t quite make all of my goals I’m very happy with where I’m at.  I did earn the camping trip-which is a huge accomplishment for me, and we’ve made plans to go in a couple weeks when the craziness of Labor Day is past us.

In keeping with my tradition of goal setting I’ve set some new goals for the month of September.  They’re a little bit tougher than last months goals.  So without further ado, here they are:

  1. Goal:  Lost 29 pounds by the end of the month.  This will put me under 300 pounds.  Reward:  Finally get myself some new clothes.
  2. Goal:  To get the rest of the way off my meds.  Reward:  A trip to the winery.  I’ve never been able to go and I’ve always wanted to be able to try it.

This time around these goals are a bit more challenging for me.  In order to meet my first goal of getting under 300 ponds I’m going to have to constantly be moving.  It’s going to be more intensive than my previous workouts have been.  I’ve started going to two a day workouts to help me get moving and I plan on doing that every day for this month.   I’m determined to do it and I’ve got the help and support I need to accomplish it.


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