Home Sweet Home!!


I’m a very excited woman right now.  I finally got moved out of my old apartment and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be rid of that place.  I wasn’t technically supposed to have to be out of there until next week but my landlord decided to show up early and tell me he already had the place rented so I needed to move out early.  I realize that I didn’t technically have to agree but I had the help and they were willing so we went ahead and did it anyway.  It definitely put us in a time crunch because Breeze and his family were leaving this weekend to go out of town so I literally only had one day to move and clean the apartment.  It was hectic to say the least.  We probably had six different vehicles in my parking lot loaded down with my stuff because it was such short notice.  Thank heavens I was already all packed and basically ready to go.

To say the least, we got all my stuff moved and Breeze was sweet enough to help me clean the apartment and repair some holes my daughter’s boyfriend decided to leave in the wall.  It was a bit stressful trying to get that fixed in the time crunch we had.  We did it though!

For now I’m staying with my friends until I can find an apartment for just Lakota, my two boxers, and myself.  The environment here is completely different and I have to say it’s so much more relaxing and stress free.  I can’t express to you how nice it is not to wake up to people fighting every damn day.  It’s been an interesting change but I know that I’ll get the help and support I need here.  They’ve made me and my daughter feel extremely welcome even though I know this is an adjustment for them as well.  The dogs have had a bit of a harder time though, haha.  They are not getting along slowly adjusting to having other dogs around so we’re going to be building some dog runs to keep them slightly separated for the time being.

The only thing about moving that makes me sad is the fact that my oldest daughter didn’t come with me.  She’s old enough now to live on her own and she’s expecting her first baby with her boyfriend.  I worry about her because I know that she didn’t take my nutritional advice with her.  I stress that she’s not really prepared to be a mother and care for her child.  I know this is my fault because I am the one that taught her these unhealthy eating habits.  Trying to change that now, when she’s grown, has been extremely difficult.  Hopefully it will eventually sink in but until then I’ll just keep trying to get through to her.


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